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About Our eBooks

How our eBooks work for instructor review

  • Our eBooks are encrypted and protected, and they require a special Viewer that takes a few minutes to install and activate. These Viewers are available for Windows computers or tablets (Surface), Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.
  • If you review our eBooks on a Windows computer with a standard or large screen, you can get an accurate representation of how our “paired pages” work. But the smaller the screen on the device, the harder it is to give our books a fair evaluation.
  • That’s why we recommend that you use our eBooks for quick evaluations. But if you think you might want to adopt one of our books, by all means request a printed review copy too.

How our eBooks work for students

  • Because our eBooks are encrypted and protected, they can’t be copied or shared.
  • When students buy our eBooks, they get the right to use them on up to three devices, including any combination of Windows computers or tablets (Surface), Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.
  • To read our eBooks on a device, the student needs to install and register a special Viewer from a company called LockLizard. Each installation should take just a couple of minutes, and this only has to be done once on each device, no matter how many of our eBooks your students use.
  • Once your students install and activate a Viewer on a device, they don’t need to enter user names or passwords to view our eBooks. The authorization is done automatically.
  • The LockLizard Viewers work well for reading our eBooks, especially on devices with large screens. They also have useful search features. And all of our eBooks have built-in bookmarks that make it easy to access their chapters and topics.

What your students can’t do with the LockLizard Viewers

Unlike Adobe Reader, the LockLizard Viewers don’t let you

  • Cut-and-paste from our eBooks to your documents
  • Add your own notes, comments, or bookmarks to the pages
  • Run the Viewers in Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, and other virtual environments
  • Can't print the eBook

Although they can’t cut-and-paste the code from our eBooks, remember that your students can download the applications and exercises for each of our books. Then, they can cut-and-paste the code from those applications into their own applications.

Why we recommend our print and eBook combinations for students

Like most technical books, our books are more effective in print than as eBooks. But that’s especially true for our books due to their unique “paired pages” format.


That’s why some of our adopting instructors recommend that their students get our print and eBook combinations, which cost just a little more than the print books by themselves.

That way, their students can use our print books as their primary medium for learning and reference, and they can use our eBooks for searching, reading, and reference when they don’t want to carry the print books with them.

Other eBook options that we’re willing to consider

We realize that our eBooks don’t serve the needs of all schools so we’re always willing to consider other eBook options when schools want to adopt our books. For instance, we’ve provided our eBooks in a propriety format for the DeVry’s Institutes since 2008.

In our hearts, though, we know that all technical books work best in print, and that’s especially true for ours. So please don’t rule out that option.

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