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About Our Canvas Courses

For each our books, we provide a Canvas course that includes the instructor’s materials for the book. That includes all the objectives, quizzes, assignments, and PowerPoint slides that you need for an effective course. This content is organized into Canvas modules.

About the Canvas modules

Our Canvas courses are set up so they provide one module for each chapter. That makes it easy for you to choose the chapters that you want to teach or to unpublish a module that you don’t want to teach. You can also unpublish any items that you don’t want to include and to add new items that you do want to include.


What each module includes


The objectives let the students know what they are expected to be able to do.



The readings direct the students to what they are expected to read. If your students are using the eBook, they can click on the EBook link to open the eBook and jump directly to the right chapter.



Every module includes a reflection assignment to help you assess the students understanding of the module.



Most modules include at least one coding assignment. Projects are intended to be shorter assignments that students can complete within an hour or two. Case Studies are intended to be longer assignments that students complete over the course of several weeks.

A Project item


A Project document displayed in Canvas


A Case Study item


A Case Study document displayed in Canvas



Each module includes at least one quiz that pulls questions from a test bank for the corresponding chapter. Each quiz uses 10 random questions from the test bank, but you can configure this to use more or fewer questions.

Some modules also include an Assessment item that provides a multiple-choice test for multiple chapters.



Each Canvas course also includes slides for each chapter. You can open these slides in Canvas, or you can download them to use in a program such as PowerPoint. By default, these slides aren’t available to your students because they have the same information in their books and shouldn’t need them.


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