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What Instructors and Students Say About Us

What instructors say about our books...

I have used Murach texts for many years with students really loving the material and the way it is presented.”

- William Bergen, Adjunct Associate Professor Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Just talked with Microsoft. They were looking for recommendations for texts that support the new MTA certifications. Gave your SQL Server text a strong recommendation. I required the MTA cert as the final exam in the SQL course in the Fall. 15 of 17 passed.”

- Keith E. Kelly, CIT Developer Program Coordinator, Northwestern Michigan College

Like other Murach titles, your HTML book is excellent. Topics are superbly organized and it is easy to find a topic on demand. Examples used to demonstrate the concepts are non-trivial, yet not overwhelming for classroom use.”

- Dr. Venkat N Gudivada, Professor of Engineering and Computer Science

I love the material, and the students love the price!”

- Dr. Clay Posey, Assistant Prof. of Management, Little Rock, Arkansas

My students are huge fans of your books. A few of them are even buying editions of books that we haven’t adopted as course texts—I think that speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the writing and presentation style.”

- Brian Canada, PhD Assistant Professor of Computational Science, South Carolina

My students have been gaining employment through the skills learned in your C# 2012 book. Thanks for writing great professional books.”

- Judy Hawley, Computer Programming Instructor, Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

I am using your Murach’s SQL Server this term, and it is GREAT! The book is organized perfectly, and the instructor materials (slides, exercises, and tests) help to ensure that the students are learning the material. Please continue to keep me updated on resources that you are making available.”

- Lisa Snyder, Computer Science Instructor, Alpena Community College

The HTML5/CSS3 book was an instant hit. I asked a student to evaluate it for me, and now I cannot get it back!”

- James Gonzalez, Multimedia Studies Instructor, College of Marin

We love your texts. Currently our OO classes are using Murach texts and we find that most of our students keep them after they get out of class.”

- Janet L. Bailey, Associate Professor of MIS, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

I just finished teaching an SQL Developer class using the Murach text, and once again the students raved. They appreciated the layout of the book, all of the examples used, and the vast amount of subjects covered. The class went well and the students were happy. Thanks again.”

- I.T., Computer Technology Instructor, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Your book is a hit with the students. [In fact,] I’ve heard complaints that our Internet programming text isn’t as easy to read as Murach’s Java.”

- Bob Dushok, Luzerne County Community College

I just adopted your MySQL book for the Database Theory class I’ll be teaching next quarter. One reason I went with it for next quarter is student feedback. Six or seven of my current database students bought the book on their own to use this quarter. I had shared the two sample chapters with the class, and they obviously liked what they saw.”

- Rick Udlock, Spokane Falls Community College

I love the Murach HTML5 book.... Students have commented that they like how it offers two styles of explanations of each concept—a verbal explanation, followed by the same concepts in code example form. It seems to be very effective in my current sections.”

- Shelly Hokanson, Assistant Professor, School of Media Arts and Design James Madison University

Fifty plus students fell in love with the Murach Oracle SQL book when we used it last semester for our Database and Introduction to SQL classes. My students tell me they are spoiled by Murach books. When I had to use texts from two other publishers for my PL/SQL programming and Oracle Database Administration classes this semester, the students were not nearly as satisfied.”

- June Mercer, IS Instructor, St. Louis, Missouri

I love that you write your books with classroom instruction in mind. The content organization is great, and the additional exercises that you offer make teaching with your book lots of fun.”

- Dr. Hrishikesh J. Goradia, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Francis Marion University

I think the C# 2012 text is a great fit for our course. I particularly like the ‘two-page’ presentation of the material and the practical, business focus of the examples. I have used the Murach texts from my COBOL days and think they are the best available.”

- James Shannon, Accounting and Information Systems, New Mexico State University

You guys do a great job with these books—they really work well in a classroom setting.”

- Doug Putnam, CIS Instructor, San Mateo, California

You do produce the best books. I recommended two of your titles to someone last week—as I’ve done many times before.”

- David Farkas, Professor Emeritus of Human Centered Design and Engineering, Seattle, Washington

One of the comments I hear over and over from my students is that they really love the format of your books. They like learning about a new skill set on the left-hand page and then immediately being able to put it into action on the right-hand side of the page They feel this type of learning helps them really reinforce the new concepts immediately.”

- David-Michael Rengh, Internet Technologies/Programming, West Hills College

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...and what students say

A+ goes to whoever selected the Murach book for this course.”

I was concerned about changing texts initially, but the student feedback on your SQL Server and ASP.NET texts has been amazing. I have had students buy these textbooks who had previously not bought a textbook since first year.”

I had to buy your book for a college class. Just a quick note to let you know that I LOVE the format, and wish we'd had Murach books for our C classes.”

I had an advantage over my classmates in my 2nd-level Java course, where the teacher assigned us only a text called Thinking in Java. I found that text less practical, organized, and clear in explanations, and continued to use your text [from my intro-level class] instead. My less fortunate classmates had to complete projects without it. Thanks for the additional help.”

Your books are so good that I threw away my assigned JavaScript and JQuery book for my class and bought Murach's JavaScript and jQuery (which has by the way, helped restore my 4.0 GPA).”

I purchased your book to prepare for my MS in Computer Science, and all I can say is 'Thank you!' Your book is very organized, clear, and concise. I will recommend it to classmates next semester, as I'm quite sure it's better than the University text.”

Our students always feedback on their end-of-course evaluation that Murach textbooks are so well organized and easy to follow, with plenty of code examples, figures, and instructions. They all love Murach's.”

I am taking a beginning Visual Basic class at the University of Phoenix. They use online Safari Books. I was getting frustrated as I could not find any good information that would help me more than a little.
I went to the local bookstore, paged through all the books they had on Visual Basic .NET, and chose your book. I started at chapters 4 & 5—then went back and read the first 3 chapters. THIS BOOK IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR WITH THE INFORMATION I NEED to get started on creating a Windows Form—not just the controls but some sample coding statements. LOVE THIS BOOK.”

The absolute best teaching text for Java among the gazillions of self-hyped tutorials and skills books on the market today.”

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