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How to Use Our Courseware

Because we package our books and courseware differently than traditional textbook publishers, you have some added flexibility in preparing your courses. So you may be interested in a few suggestions that we have for each phase of course development.

Plan the content and sequence of the course

Remember that our books are modular and often contain more content than you need for your course. That means that you don’t have to teach all of the sections or chapters. As a result, you can start by selecting the chapters that you want to include in the course.

For most books, the modular structure also means that you don’t have to teach the chapters in the same sequence that they are in the book. So, as part of your planning, you may want to consider whether an alternate sequence might work better for your course.

Select the exercises and projects that you will use

In general, you’ll find that we offer more book exercises, extra exercises, and projects than you can use for one course. As a result, you need to select the ones that are most appropriate for the experience and aptitude of your students.

To do that, of course, you need to review all of the exercises and projects that we offer for a book. Then, you can decide which ones to use for practice and which ones to use for tests. And nothing works better for testing the skills of your students than having them do exercises and projects.

Generate the quizzes and tests

Because we provide our test banks in multiple formats, you should be able to generate quizzes and tests for the platform you’re using. Remember, though, that it is difficult to test the most important objectives for a course by using completion and multiple-choice questions.

That’s why we suggest that you use quizzes and tests as a general measure of understanding and competence. But to test performance, we recommend that you use the exercises and projects.

Select the slides for each class session

When you go through the slides for a chapter, you’ll see that they make it easy to review everything that is presented in the book. So you can use any or all of the slides in class to present material from the book, to review material that the students should have already read, to clarify any points that they’re confused about, or to make sure they understand the chapter objectives.

Of course, you can easily add slides of your own to ours. And you can enhance the slides with activities like demonstrating applications, reviewing exercise and project solutions, and showing how IDEs work.

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