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Our Policies for Instructor’s Materials

Our basic principles

  • We know that the instructor’s materials are a critical component in an adoption decision so we do our best to provide them when you request a review copy of one of our books.
  • We verify that that you’re an instructor before we fulfill your request for instructor’s materials.
  • We’ll arrange for you to download the instructor’s materials from a secure site or send the materials on a CD.
  • We trust instructors to be fair with us by using our instructor’s materials only if the book is required as a main or supplementary text.
  • We never refuse a reasonable request.

How to get the instructor’s materials for a book

The easiest way is to request the instructor’s materials along with a review copy of the book. That way, you’ll have everything you need for an adoption decision. To do that, just go to the page for the book, and click on the button for requesting a printed or eBook review copy. As part of that request, you can also request the instructor’s materials.

However, if you don’t request the instructor’s materials when you request a review copy, you can get them later on. To do that, just go to the book’s page and click on the button for requesting the instructor’s materials.


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