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College textbooks since 1974

In 1974, we got our first college adoption. It was from Scott Community College in Iowa, and it was for 15 books on IBM assembler language. I remember that well, because I'm the one who took the order...with a crayon...on my children’s play table.

Mike Murach
Founder, Murach Books

Today, our books are used by more than 800 universities, colleges, technical institutes, community colleges, proprietary schools, and high departments like CIS, IT, MIS, Computer Science, and Continuing Ed. Often, in fact, the same book that’s used by 4-year colleges and universities is also used by community and technical colleges.

That attests to two features that you'll find in all of our books. First, our books present information in a way that is easily accessible, whether you're a high school student or in a Master's program. Second, our books present skills at a professional level that is appropriate for any course that purports to teach real-world skills.

Murach college books and courseware since 1974