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Lab Manual for Murach’s HTML and CSS

by Anne Boehm
175 pages
Published December 2021
ISBN 978-1-943872-92-3
List price: $25.00

This Lab Manual provides all of the student activities for Murach’s HTML and CSS (5th Edition) in a single Print or eBook manual. That includes:

  • The end-of-chapter activities in the book (summary points, terms, and practice exercises)
  • Course objectives by chapter (from the instructor’s materials)
  • 2 case studies (from the instructor’s materials)
  • Generic projects that let students develop their own websites (from the instructor’s materials)

As a result, this Lab Manual insures that your students will have everything they need for the course. All you need to supply from the instructor’s materials is any starting code you want them to have for the case studies or projects. 

The Lab Manual is available on its own, or in an eBook+eManual bundle.

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I love the HTML book! The explanation of the material, the sequencing, the projects...beautiful. The course is a beginning course, but the book will adapt perfectly to students of all levels.”

Mari Rettke,
Computer Science Instructor, California

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